Workshop: application of discrete symmetries 2016

Děčín August 1 - 4 2016

The workshop is devoted to presentation and discussion on following subjects:

The aim is to accelerate the investigation of participants via recent results presentations and discussion.

Accommodation & Travel

The organizing committee plans to arrange accommodation for participants in hotels situated not further than 200 meters from the conference hall. In particular,

Please do not contact the hotel directly for reservations. The organizing committee will arrange accommodation based on your requests. Payment is made directly to the hotel when you arrive in Děčín.

The variety of good restaurants nearby offers an opportunity to taste different dishes and beers. Approximate prices: breakfast - 4 euros, lunch or dinner - 5 euros, beer - 1 euro.

Please put to your records the address of the Děčínn branch of the Czech Technical University: Pohraniční 1288/1, 405 01 Děčín 1.

Děčín is located near the German border, and has a very good railway and highway connection to Berlin (4 hours), Dresden (1 hour) and Prague (1.5 hour).

The organizers will gladly be at your assistance with the travel from the Prague airport/Děčín railway station.

From Prague airport: You can take direct bus or taxi to the railway station "Praha hlavní nádraží" from where there are good connections to "Děčín hlavní nádraží" railway station.

From Děčín railway station: The nearest railway station "Děčín hlavní nádraží" is within walking distance from Sýpka (20 minutes). There are public transport buses (number 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 12) in Děčín from the railway station to the Myslbekova bus stop, 200 meters from Sýpka.



01.08.2016 G. Chadzitaskos Shmushkevich Method
J. Hrivnák Various discretizatoins of Weyl orbit functions
02.08.2016 M. Juránek E-functions
A. Tereszkiewicz Mixed boundary valued problem
03.08.2016 P. Novotný Small oscillations
J. Hrivnák Two-dimensional strings with beads
04.08.2016 L. Motlochová Cubature formulas
A. Brus Discrete (anti)symmetric multivariable trigonometric transformations
G. Chadzitaskos Vibrations with respect to Weyl groups


  Name Affiliation
1Zofia GrabowieckaUniversité de Montréal
2Mariia MyronovaUniversité de Montréal
3Jiri PateraUniversité de Montréal
4Tereszkiewicz AgnieszkaUniversity of Bialystok
5Tomasz CzyżyckiInstitute of Mathematics, University of Bialystok, Poland
6Jiří HrivnákCzech Technical University in Prague
7Lenka HákováUniversity of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
8Adam BrusCzech Technical University in Prague
9Michal JuránekCzech Technical University in Prague


Registration info

No conference fee, number of participants is limited to 30.